From the minutes of the September 29th monthly meeting:

•    Over the past couple of weeks, we have made great progress in cleaning up the club and getting a few projects completed.  Thanks to all members who spared some time to help out.

o    Steve Carr leveled the Education Center deck and pressure washed it getting it ready for stain.  The deck was stained last weekend and now looks great.
o    Repaired and replaced shooting stands on the pistol and rifle range, burned the trash, and picked up around the facility.
o    Repaired and painted all the Steel targets on the range

•    There was a discussion regarding the traps and how to proceed next season.  Thoughts are that we need to regulate access to the traps by only allowing those who have had a safety session to use the trap range.  We are also considering moving open trap shooting from Thursday to Tuesday next year.  Discussions will continue at future meetings, so anyone with questions or comments should attend.

•    Mark your calendar for our annual Rifle Sight-In Days to get our members ready for deer season.  The dates are November 5 & 6 with more details to follow.

•    Check out our web site. Gary S. completed a page listing those who qualified for the “Support our Supporters” section this year.  The list is for our members to acknowledge their support of the club by using those businesses.

•    We will also be discussing ways for companies and businesses to support our club and it is thought that allowing them to post advertisements on our “Support out Supporters” page online.  For an annual advertising fee, we would provide a space on our web site to post ads.  Gary S. does a great job at keeping our site up to date and has supplied us with information on how many hits are received each month to see if we get enough Internet traffic to help businesses.  We were pleased to find over 200 hits in August and 175 hits in September. This topic will be discussed at future meetings this winter.

•    Now that we have our 5 Stand Sporting Clays Course money approved, we will be starting to build trap houses, shooting stands, and getting things ready for next spring.  One of our members generously offered his time to build the trap houses.  Bill Sachse will be working in his shop this fall and early winter. This big project will be completed before spring.

•    Don’t forget that we have a 3D archery range for those members who want to sharpen their skills before heading into the woods.




The drawing for our 2022 Gun Raffle took place at the meeting on September 29 at the Education Center.  The lucky winners were:

o    Jim D. won the MI Garand
o    Bruce H. won the 20 ga. Benelli

We made a profit of $2600 this year and thank all who bought tickets . . . for those who did not win, maybe next year?  A very special Thanks to Mary Kusz for managing the raffle this year.



Chuck Guerber is planning some future concealed carry classes. Specifically on October 15th here at the Club. If you know of anyone interested in obtaining a concealed carry permit, please have them check Chuck's website here: 

He has other varieties of classes showing there also.

(NOTE: please do not use the "contact us" form to inquire about these classes. Visit his website to contact Chuck directly.)